Oldřich Kulhánek
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Oldřich Kulhánek
Oldrich Kulhanek
Oldřich Kulhánek
My opinion, my conviction, is that in his work an artist should give an account of himself, and of the time and place he inhabits. The artist should reveal the pretence (or lies) of the establishment, unmasking what is happening to man and showing how man is manipulated and dehumanized. The artist should present an account of the soul of his contemporary.
Oldřich Kulhánek
In the recent drawings and lithographs of Oldřich Kulhánek, expression, gesture and movement are used to communicate the intricacy of life, human values and the rise and fall of mankind. The strong narrative character of these images captivates the viewer, yet it is beyond tangible description. Kulhánek is as good a psychologist as he is a keen observer of form, but he is above all a highly skilled artist, and a master of technique. His three most recent lithographs (“Job Triptych”), in which the horizons of expression are at their broadest, are imposing works of art where he is truly able to demonstrate his skills as a natural figuralist. In them, the body fills the entire picture plane, proving once more that Kulhánek is not only a graphic artist but he is also an artist of the monumental. The male nude in these lithographs expresses a physical world imbued with spirit, as is conveyed in his faces in which one can identify the whole panoply of human psychology. In his “human figures”, Kulhánek decries “behold man!”
Eva Petrová, PhD.
In my work you can find parts of the human face, pleading hands, raw hands. For me, the symbol is a way of expressing the age in which I live, the place where I live.
The human face is my symbol. The human face with its lips stuck together, the human face disappearing in torn scraps of paper.
Oldřich Kulhánek
Oldřich Kulhánek‘s works are mainly represented at:
M&K Gallery, U Lužického semináře 10, Prague, Czech Republic
Anne & Jacques Baruch Collection, Chicago, U.S.A.
Epreuve d‘Artiste, Oude Kerkstraat 64, Antwerp, Belgium
Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.